A Time Workshop

One of the most common challenges facing business owners is time.

Watermoor Point

This workshop is packed with practical advice, proven strategies, and easy-to-use tactics to help you master your use of time, increase productivity AND get more time for the things you WANT to do.

Invest your time in this dynamic, thought-provoking session, and at the end you will have a clear plan and goal to make immediate improvements in your business (and life).

Watermoor Point

What Will I Learn and Take Away from the Session?

  • Uncover the myth of time management
  • How to deal with time stealers
  • Discover how to have more time for yourself
  • Learn how to make your business scalable (and stop trading time for money)
  • Clear strategies for making more of each day to achieve your business and personal goals

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Business Owners who want to make better use of their time and achieve their business and lifestyle goals.

Meet Your Coach

This workshop is delivered by our Senior Business Coach, Neil Martin.

Watermoor Point

Neil is a multi-award-winning speaker, content creator and performance coach. With over 25 years business experience, his personal approach has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders increase their profile, productivity and profits.

Neil has delivered training and coaching to thousands of business owners in both group and one to one settings; helping them learn and implement strategies to revolutionise their approach to both life and business.

Praise for this Time Workshop

“The excellent, engaging and thought-provoking talk by Neil Martin of ActionCOACH Cheltenham proved a very helpful guide on this fascinating subject which even began with the challenge that time management is actually a myth. He then went on to give us hints, tips and advice about how best to ensure we leave every working day having achieved what we aimed to do so at the start”.
Sam Holliday, Development Manager (Gloucestershire and the West of England) at Federation of Small Businesses


Friday 17th May

10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Vantage Point Business Village, Ground Floor, Building Seven, Western Avenue, Mitcheldean Gloucestershire GL17 0DD