Growing Businesses, Building Communities and Changing Lives

  • Would you like to build a business that can work without you?
  • Want a plan for your business and lifestyle future but not sure where to start?
  • You’re a business leader and need support with your team, time, money and growth?

We know it can be challenging to grow a business, to balance family life and business aspirations. To meet the expectations of stakeholders and staff and to realise your business goals.

That’s why here at ActionCOACH Cheltenham we’re supporting business leaders with our award-winning growth techniques and proven strategies for success.

We are part of ActionCOACH the largest and most successful business coaching company in the world, with over 1,000 coaches in more than 80 countries.

By joining our coaching programmes, you’ll be immersed in an unparalleled level of shared business knowledge, education and a local business community.

Experience our award-winning and proven business growth strategies to help build the business you’ve been dreaming about.

Meet Our Award-Winning Team

Meet The Team

Billy Smith – Managing Director and Senior Business Coach

Neil Martin – Senior Business Coach

Fiona Smith – Operations Director

Anne Wall – Head of Marketing

Claire Carter – Business Support Manager

and Honey, our Head of Happiness!

Billy Smith, Managing Director and Senior Business Coach 

Billy Smith, Managing Director and Senior Coach of ActionCOACH Cheltenham and his team can be part of YOUR team.  

Billy has 30 years’ experience and success in starting and building businesses, developing them to reach their potential, achieving the personal and professional goals of business owners like you. 

He has a proven track record as a business growth specialist including the Management Buy Out of Endsleigh Insurance in 2007 and was a Director of Unite PLC, a £300 million turnover company where in just 3 years he helped increase profits from £600K to £22 million.

Billy brings his wealth of insider knowledge from his 25 years as a Board and Executive Director working with a variety of businesses, from SMEs to PLCs. 

Billy is a multi-award-winning business coach.
His awards are in recognition of his exceptional coaching abilities and are an endorsement of the business support he and the ActionCOACH Cheltenham team offer our clients.

I can’t recommend Billy Smith and his team enough. For years now I’ve wondered about employing a business coach. It’s been the best decision of my life. If business coaching is something you’ve been thinking about on and off for a while. Stop thinking and start doing! 

Chani Martin, M&M Marketing and Merchandise

Neil Martin, Senior Business Coach

Neil Martin is a multi-award-winning speaker, storyteller, content creator and performance coach. With over 25 years business experience, his personal approach has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders increase their profile, productivity and profits.

Neil Martin Business Coach        TALK TO ME

Neil has delivered training and coaching to thousands of business owners in both group and one to one settings; helping them learn and implement strategies to revolutionise their approach to both life and business. Neil has worked with organisations of all sizes, from large corporates to start-ups and has worked with clients in a broad range of industries.

Working with ActionCOACH Cheltenham has been a great move for us. Neil has helped us with some strategic advice and tactical input which has helped us see how to manage situations more clearly and work towards our goals in an efficient and effective way.” 

Simon Terrington, EdCo Latam Consulting

Book a call with Neil today and have a chat about your business and lifestyle goals.

Anne Wall, Head of Marketing

Anne has 30 year’s marketing experience working with clients across numerous industry sectors and including Jo Malone Limited, Farrow & Ball, The Ideal Home Show and Earls Court and Olympia Limited.

Her marketing expertise is in both B2C and B2B campaigns working in the UK, US and South East Asia. She was the Marketing Director at the iconic Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and has run events in Singapore, Dubai and the USA.

Anne Wall         TALK TO ME

Here at ActionCOACH Cheltenham, Anne delivers exclusive marketing masterclasses for clients and oversees strategic partnerships and events.

She supports business owners looking to understand the fundamentals of marketing strategies and how to implement them to grow a business. Want to learn more and chat to Anne about your marketing? Get in touch!

ActionCOACH Client Reviews

Having someone who understands your business and your journey and is just as invested as you in your business, is something that many business owners don’t realise they need.

“I honestly wish that we’d had a business coach from day one … having that external support and perspective is absolutely invaluable.”

Hiring ActionCOACH Cheltenham has been the best thing I’ve done for my business.

 “The team at ActionCOACH Cheltenham have become supporters, confidants and mentors, making sure that we are taking the time to think about the big picture; encouraging us to take time to focus on ourselves; and providing a voice of accountability to keep us on track”.

ActionCOACH Cheltenham are Supporting Businesses in Cheltenham and Across Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds


Wouldn’t it make good business sense for YOU to be supported by Billy and the team at ActionCOACH Cheltenham? 

We know that the challenges you face are numerous, which is why you’ll gain a new outlook and focus, access the collated experience of hundreds of leading professionals and be able to develop faster than you thought possible on core aspects of your business, such as:

  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Coaching and Training
  • Financial Management
  • Team Building
  • Creating a Work:Life Balance
  • Exit Strategy Planning

You’ll be transforming your business into something that is both fulfilling and fruitful – a sustainable, successful, and resilient enterprise, built around your goals and values.

Give us a call today on 01242 237766 or drop into our Cheltenham office for a chat about your business goals.

About ActionCOACH Worldwide

Join the world’s largest and most successful coaching company, with over 1,000 coaches in 80 countries worldwide. Be immersed in an unparalleled level of shared business knowledge and experience. You will have the accountability-partner and encouragement you need to become the business person that you aspire to be and build the business you have been dreaming about.

We are in Top 25 ActionCOACH firms in the world!

With over 1,000 coaches in 80 countries, we are super proud of this accolade and endorsement of our success in growing businesses like yours.
You can read more about our team here.

Book A Coaching Session And Talk To Our Experienced Team

In this free coaching session you will discover:

Ways to increase your business's profitability in the next 12 months.

Clarity on how to achieve your personal goals, get a better work-life balance, more money and freedom.
How you can rapidly increase the resilience of your business.
How to adapt to the fast-changing marketplace and take your business to the next level.

You’re going to have more:

✓ Money into your business
✓Confidence in your decision-making
✓ Self-discipline and self-accountability
✓ Effective team-members
✓ Structure and measurement
✓ Time and space to achieve your goals

You’re going to have less:

✗ Sacrifice of personal time
✗ Sunday-night blues
✗ Anxiety about your business direction
✗ Missing your family events
✗ Sleepless nights