BusinessCLUB is an innovative coaching programme designed to help business owners maximise their potential.

What will I learn?

Our certified business coach will teach you how to develop a unique selling proposition and market your business so that you can maximise growth. Join us on May 7th for a free introductory session to learn how BusinessCLUB will enable you to increase turnover, grow profits, take control of your finances, deliver a predictable service and more.

BusinessCLUB is an amazing 16-week programme; 7 hour long sessions delivered fortnightly PLUS one 90-day planning workshop. It is offered in a group setting to give clients an environment to share ideas with other business owners.

· BusinessCLUB combines the theory of classroom learning and the advice and wisdom that comes from the “think tank” environment.

· BusinessCLUB develops business ownership and leadership skills that will help your business grow.

· BusinessCLUB will ensure that you are no longer alone in the world of business.

· BusinessCLUB members will build a 90-day plan that allows them to create goals, timeframes and give themselves the accountability to achieve each goal.

Join our business community and benefit from networking, collaboration, accountability and trust. You will quickly find yourself immersed in timely and strategic discussions of issues and information that are critical for taking your business to the next level.

How much does it cost?

To welcome you to BusinessCLUB, we offer your first meeting for FREE!

If you enjoy your first meeting and wish to return, BusinessCLUB costs £175 + VAT per month for a 4-month period. This is a 16 week programme consisting of 8 sessions.


Friday 7th May - Friday 20th August

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

from £175+VAT


01242 237766